Best Marked Deck of Playing Cards

A marked deck of playing cards is a great tool for magicians who want to perform card magic. It offers you a way to increase your powers of deception and make your magic more effective. However, you should be very careful not to use a marked deck in any way that might endanger your reputation as a good card magician.

The best marked decks for magicians should be easy to read, have decent size markings, and ideally look like a normal deck of playing cards. These characteristics are all determined primarily by the needs of the magician.

It should be a reader system

Most of the best marked decks available in the market today are those that have some kind of reader system on them. These marking systems either involve the value and suit of each card being written on the back design somewhere in a well-disguised place, or they require you to decipher some other code for the card.

It should have markings on the long edges

This is especially important for a deck that is displayed face-down in a spread, fan, or other display format. This will make it easier for you to find the identity of any card that might be hidden within the spread or display area.

It should be made of premium stock

As you might expect, the best marked decks for magicians are those that have been printed on top-quality premium stock. This will give you the smoothest handling and will make it possible for you to shuffle your deck of marked cards with ease.

It should have a traditional cut

Most of the best marked decks for magicians are also those that have been manufactured using a traditional cut, rather than a modernized version of this method. This ensures that you can easily and quickly shuffle the deck, making it the perfect choice for professional card magicians.

It should have an easy-to-read marker

Almost all of the marked decks for magicians that are available in the market today have an easy-to-read marker. These markers can be as simple as a small dot or scribble, but some of them can even be quite intricate.

It should have a clear case

The best marked decks for magicians should come in a clear plastic case that can be closed securely and easily. This will help to prevent any unwanted damage, and also makes it much easier for you to keep your deck clean and unmarked when not in use.

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