How Do Poker Cheat Cards?

Card cheats are people who use various techniques to help them win at poker games. These methods vary, but they all have one thing in common: they give them a big advantage over their opponents.

The most popular method is known as “marking.” Cheaters can mark playing cards with ink or some other substance that doesn’t give off a visual clue to their identity. This allows them to know what cards are in a certain hand before they are revealed, which can be crucial when it comes to making the right decision at the table.

Another common card marking technique is called “scratching.” This involves a cheater secretly scratching a mark on the back of a card that only he can see. This can be done by using a simple scuff with a fingernail or with more sophisticated equipment that looks like it came from a James Bond movie.

There are also many other different ways to cheat in poker. Some of these tactics are more difficult to pull off than others, but they all have the potential to give the cheater an advantage over other players at the table.


Collusion is a relatively common form of poker cheating and is usually done when two or more players collaborate on a hand. This can be done in the real world or in online poker rooms.

In online poker, cheaters may engage in telephone calls or instant messaging to discuss their hands and if the site is popular enough, can also play several hands at once under different aliases (which are often available on some internet service plans). This can be extremely effective in eliminating a player’s chances of winning a large amount of money.

Stacking the Deck

The crooked deck is another trick that can be used by card cheats. It is very easy to do this with an overhand shuffle, but it can be more difficult with the riffle shuffle.

A crooked deck can be manipulated by the cheater to create breaks between packets of cards or to put certain cards in favorable positions in the deck. This can be done by shuffling the deck in a manner that makes it look like a legitimate shuffle, but the cheat has to be very careful to only deal one desired card at a time.

In some cases, the crooked deck can even be stacked before the deal is made. This can give the cheater an extra advantage in the deal and will likely make them more likely to call a hand or raise.

This type of cheating is considered a high-risk method because it requires the cheater to shuffle the deck before the game begins, but it can be highly profitable if done well. It is important to note that a cheater must never be seen to perform any of these methods or they will risk being caught.

Tracking Software

The best poker cheating software is a program that will track the actions of other players at the table. These programs will analyze each hand and give the cheater a detailed report on what their opponent is doing. This can be particularly helpful in determining if the cheater has a significant edge over their opponents.

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