How to Cheat Playing Cards

cheat playing cards

Cheat playing cards are a type of card game that involves the use of deception. A player can be challenged by another player to see their hand and can choose to lie about the cards they played. A player can also use an action card to take or show cards from other players.

There are several different types of cheating methods that can be used to gain an advantage over the other players at the table. Some of these methods can be quite risky and require a lot of practice to perform correctly. However, some of these methods can give the cheater an edge in a game and even allow them to win.


The most common way a cheat can get an advantage in a game is to look at the top or bottom card of the deck without being seen by other players. The cheater can do this using a special technique called “glimping”. They can place something that reflects light, like coffee or a lighter, behind the top card or the bottom card of the deck to make it easier for them to peek.

Dealing Seconds

A second way a cheat can get an advantage is to try and deal a card that they want to use in the game from the top of the deck. This can be done by either placing a desired card on the top of the deck or by removing it from the deck and placing it at the top during a player’s turn.

This can be done by bringing the top card up with the right thumb and pulling it over with the left thumb. This is a very difficult sleight of hand and the cheat must know exactly what they are doing to avoid being detected.

Marking the Cards

The other popular way a cheat can get an advantage is by marking the cards in the deck. The cheat can easily mark all of the higher value cards (Aces and Kings) so that they can know when to bluff or call a big card.

These marked cards are often bordered so that it is harder to spot the marks that have been made. The cheat can also choose to only mark a specific number of cards.

Stacking the Deck

A deck can be pre-stacked to give a certain card advantage in a game. This can be done by doing a “Riffle shuffle” or an “Overhand shuffle.”

It is important to note that this method can only be used by a well-trained card sharp, as it can be seen as suspicious. It is also possible for a cheat to use sleight of hand to move the cards in a way that is not visible to other players.

Crooked Dealing

A crooked deal is when a card cheat removes a card from the deck and replaces it with a different one. This is often done in an attempt to hide the fact that the card has been removed. Typically, a crooked deal can be detected by a snapping sound or the bottom card wedging out slightly.

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