Juice Marked Deck

A marked deck is a special type of card that has markings printed on its backs. These markings are used by magicians for a number of reasons, but they also have the potential to be very useful in many card magic routines.

Choosing the right marked deck is important for any magician, and there are several different types of markings that can be found. Some of them are easy to read, but others require low lighting or special glasses.

The best marked decks for a magician should be easy to read, but also look like a regular deck of cards. This means that if you use them to perform a trick, your spectator won’t be suspicious or feel the need to examine the markings closely.

There are a number of different brands of marked decks available, from big names in the magic industry to smaller, more independent companies. Some of these have excellent instructional videos that teach a good variety of routines. These are a great way to get started, especially when they come with tricks that you can use with any type of marked deck.

Some of the most popular brand-name decks in this category are DMC Elites, Ellusionist’s Blue Cohort, and Penguin Magic’s Marked Cards. All three of these have very good instructional videos and are a great choice for anyone who’s interested in reading their markings.

DMC Elites have a very easy to read system, which allows them to be easily read from across the room without having to squint at the cards or interpret them. They also have a great companion book that will help you to learn more about the reader system.

They also have a very helpful video tutorial that shows you how to read the markings, and some terrific tricks for using them with other methods of card magic. Having these videos is really important for any magician, as they can help to get them up to speed quickly with how to work with a marked deck.

The other major advantage of using a juice marker is that it does not require filtered sunglasses or contact lenses to be read. That is why many people prefer to use these instead of luminous or n-dust markers.

Juice decks are also more affordable than the luminous and n-dust products. They can be purchased from a wide range of different stores.

Another advantage of using a juice marked deck is that it can be more difficult for an alert spectator to figure out its identity, especially when you have a marked deck with a lot of information. This can increase the level of amazement and surprise that you can achieve with some of your tricks, by making it impossible for an alert spectator to figure out your method of card magic.

This is why some magicians use marked decks in their routines, and why they often have them as part of a larger package. For example, they might use the markings to make a shuffled deck appear as if it has been cut, or to miscall a card that the spectator has already made their selection.

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