Video Poker Cheating Devices

Video poker cheating devices allow you to predict the result of a game even before it starts. It combines poker scanning cameras, invisible barcode marked card, and a software to calculate the winners of gambling games.

This new version is virtually undetectable by others, unlike older models. Its appearance resembles that of a regular smart phone. It also comes equipped with a wireless remote control so that you can adjust the device without being noticed.

Product Introduction

There are a few ways people try and cheat video poker machines. These methods are illegal in casinos and can lead to fines or jail terms. Some of these gadgets are so sophisticated they may be difficult to detect. This post will discuss how to protect yourself from cheaters by using practical attacks on these devices.

While many casinos ban the use of these devices, there is a black market for them. Professional cheaters use them to maximize profits. A smartphone that has been modified to cheat is very effective. These phones look like normal mobile phones but can be used to cheat in poker and other games. They can also be used to scan playing cards and send the information to a remote computer for analysis.

There are several accessories available to enhance the performance of the main cheating tool. This includes a scanning device, a wireless earpiece and a receiver. These can be hidden in a variety of objects, including fake car keys and watches. Wireless cameras are particularly useful, as they are more difficult to detect than a static camera.

Most poker cheating gadgets come with a barcode scanner that can be used to read playing cards. This allows the cheater know which cards were dealt and what strength their opponent’s hands are. The cheater can then use this information to make better betting decisions. The scanner is usually located inside the poker analyzer, and the receiver can send the results to your smartphone or tablet.

Another common technology-based poker cheating device is a “market card.” This small handheld scanner can scan the back of a deck of playing cards and display the rank and suit for each card. This is a great tool for players who are looking to avoid bluffing or folding early in the poker game.

Internet users can choose from a number of different poker cheating devices. Some of these devices are expensive while others are not. Some of them are free, but can only be used temporarily. Aside from these devices, there are other ways to cheat at poker, including using infrared marked cards and invisible contact lenses. However, if you are planning to buy any of these products, be sure to choose a trusted supplier.

Operation process

A video-poker cheating device can help you win the game. It works by sorting through the cards to identify those that are most likely to be beneficial for you. You can also see the cards that your opponents have so you can decide when to bet and fold. This type of cheating tool can be used both in online and offline games.

There are many types of video cheating devices. However, they all use the same basic principles. A typical device will have a camera and a scanner. The device will scan the cards and then tell you the rank and suit of each one. It can even identify duplicated cards.

The device is hidden in a number of objects such as a watch or belt. It also comes with a remote that allows the user to change denominations and games, as well as mute the device. The device can also be used remotely to read the chips from other players. The device can also send a signal through an earpiece to the player if they are going to win.

This device does NOT have encryption or other security features. The communication protocol uses a simple 2-FSK on the 850-900MHz ISM band. These packets can be easily decoded using GNU radio and BladeRF. However, it’s important to note that these packets are not randomized or data-whitened, making it easier for savvy hackers.

A camera is another way to cheat in video poker. You can take pictures of each player’s hand. This will allow the cheater to see which players have the best hands and plan their strategy accordingly. This method, although illegal in most casinos and has been tried by many, is not uncommon.

There are many ways to hack a video poker machine, but it is impossible to get away with this in most casinos. Some people have tried using a coin and a string, a magnetic device, or monkey wire devices. However, these methods do not work on today’s advanced machines. Some people have been successful in rigging video poker machines by using a hacking code on a computer.


There are many ways to cheat when playing video poker. Some of these methods include using a coin and string, a magnet, or a monkey wire device. These methods, however, are illegal and may result in fines or criminal charges. Many casino owners have stepped up their security measures to prevent these kinds of attacks. They have also installed more advanced security measures to protect their customer’s privacy.

A poker analyzer is a popular cheating device that combines a hidden scanning camera with a communication device. It helps players win. These devices are designed to resemble regular mobile phones in order to reduce the risk of suspicion by other players. They are equipped with a wireless camera and a remote that allows the user to control the device. These devices can be used for reading barcode marked cards and can send the results in seconds. They can even determine if a hand was won.

These devices are also helpful in games that involve dice, like Texas Hold’em or baccarat. They can reveal information on the number players, the winning player and other information like the amount of chips in each hands. They can also be used to reveal the number of points on a card.

Hidden poker scanners are another type of poker cheating devices. They can be hidden in many places and are designed to keep others from noticing them. The best place to hide a poker scanner is inside of a chip tray, so that other players will not notice it. Watch scanners are another good choice. They can be hidden inside the dial or belt.

A poker cheating device includes a special earphone that transmits the information transmitted by the poker analyzer. This earphone has been designed to be as discrete as possible so that other players won’t realize it is used for cheating. The earphone can be used for a number of different games, including baccarat, blackjack and Texas hold’em.


Poker cheaters have been trying to beat video poker machines for decades. Some were successful for a time. However, most of these cheating methods haven’t been foolproof. Many casinos are taking steps to prevent this. In fact, two men were caught cheating at casinos by using a computerized program to predict their opponent’s cards and win.

In the past, poker cheating devices have been used to read marks on cards that can only be seen with special lenses or contact lenses. These devices allow cheaters the ability to know what cards their opponents hold before they make a bet, or fold. This allows them to decide whether or not to bluff.

A company in China developed a sleek device that can instantly and remotely read marked cards. The device, which resembles a smartphone, has a remote that allows cheaters change settings discreetly. The device is equipped with an audio earpiece which lets the cheater listen to what others are saying.

The poker cheating tool has not yet been used in a poker game. However, its capabilities are impressive. It uses a combination of radio frequencies to communicate with the game’s chip, and it can send data on multiple channels. It can also detect the chips of other players and read their hole card. However, it does not use any encryption or randomization, and it can easily be spoofed by a simple GNU radio or BladeRF setup.

A few months ago, a blogger named Elie Bursztein wrote about the phone on his website, describing how it can scan and read the mark on a card’s back and predict which player will have the best hand. His report was picked-up by a number media outlets, such as the BBC and Fortune.

However, it is unclear whether the phone can actually be used to play poker in a casino. Casinos generally prohibit electronic devices during gambling. Moreover, the device emits a large amount of infrared light that could be detected by a mobile phone camera. The device can only be controlled remotely, which makes it suspicious.

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