Marked Cards Recognition Features Contact Lenses

Marked Cards Recognition Features Contact Lenses

In poker, marked cards are cards that have been changed in some way to make them easier for players to identify during gameplay. These changes can include a variety of different things, from small markings to subtle creases and discolorations. However, the most popular way to mark a card is with invisible ink that only a special pair of contact lenses can detect. This article will discuss the most common ways to mark a deck of cards, how to use contact lenses to see these marks, and how to avoid detection by other players.

Aside from ensuring that the cards are properly marked, it’s also important to choose a pair of contacts that are comfortable and easy to wear. A pair of uncomfortable lenses can distract a player from their game and make them more likely to lose. In addition, they may even cause irritation to the eyes.

To ensure that the contacts are suitable for marking playing cards, it is advisable to test the optical area of the lenses by touching them with the finger. If the lens slides away from the eye, it is too loose and will not be effective in reading the marked cards. In contrast, if the lens is too tight, it will be difficult to insert and may cause discomfort.

Aside from the optical area, it is a good idea to test the durability of the contacts. If the lenses have a scratch or tear, it is best to replace them with new ones. In addition, it is important to regularly disinfect the contacts to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

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