Marked Playing Cards Cheating

marked playing cards cheating

Marked playing cards cheating is a form of cheating in poker or card games. It involves using special cards that are marked to make it easier for you to win the game or manipulate the opponents’ hand. These cards can be used in both online and offline casino and cardroom games.

There are many ways to cheat at cards but the most common is to use marked cards. The marked cards can be used to cheat in any kind of poker, blackjack, baccarat or any other card game. These are marked in a specific pattern on the back side and are unavoidable to be seen by the opponent as well as you. This way, you can easily know the number and suit of your opponent’s cards.

These marked cards are very useful in Indian origin poker games and in international poker games like Texas, Omaha and In-out etc. They are very effective in winning lots of money.

Card marking has become a common practice among professional card players. Hustlers have been using various inks, pigments and scratches to add lines or patterns to the back of playing cards for more than 100 years.

Some of the most common types of card marking are crimping, blocking, cutting and damaging. These methods can be done by the player himself or by a hired expert.

Crimping is a very popular method of marking cards and it involves bending the corners. This makes the edges of the card very difficult to remove by the player if they are caught.

Blocking is a similar method but it involves removing certain sections of the design. This can be done by cutting a section of the card or putting a piece of tape over the design. This is a very effective way of cheating and can be done by anyone.

Damaging is another way of marking cards and it is also very effective, however the risk of being caught is high. It is also a very difficult technique to master and you are likely to get your hand stamped if you are caught.

Lastly, the most expensive and dangerous type of card marking is invisible ink. These marked cards have a unique pattern on the back side of the deck and are not visible to any contact lenses or glasses and phone scanner.

These are very effective in all kinds of Indian and international card games and are very useful to win lots of money. These are highly effective in Texas, Omaha, In-out and flush games to get the maximum profit.

Cheating Playing Cards – Invisible Ink

The latest and most advanced way of cheating is to use a deck of marked cards with invisible ink. These marked cards are very effective in all kinds of poker and baccarat games and are very easy to use by anybody with little knowledge on how to play a card game. These are very helpful in winning lots of money and you can easily see these markings with the help of soft contact lenses, cheating marked card glasses or poker analyzer.

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