Marked Playing Cards With Glasses

marked playing cards with glasses

Marked playing cards are one of the most effective cheating techniques used by poker players. They have been around since the days of the Wild West, but today’s casinos have much better ways to detect and track cheaters.

Some of the most common techniques used to mark cards are shade technology, block-out work, and cut-out work. Some of these methods require low lighting conditions to be read, while others can only be seen from a distance.

Block-out work is a technique that involves using the same color ink as the back of the card to mark small white areas, such as the petals on a flower detail or a white bird on the back design. Some block-out markings can be made more subtle by coloring the edges of the block-out work or adding a tiny bit of ink to the back design with the same color ink as the front.

Cut-out work is another method of card marking, but rather than removing a part of the printed design, it uses a razor to scrape away areas of the back design. This allows a player to determine the rank of a card without having to physically look at it.

Luminous marking is a variation on shade technology, and is often based on a chemical daub that is placed on the back of a card before the deck is dealt. This chemical is then seen through special gimmick sunglasses or contact lenses. It is important to note that this type of marked deck can only be read by a professional who is trained to use this method.

These types of marked cards are sometimes called “juice” cards, because the ink that is used to create them is a lighter or darker version of the standard ink that is on the backs of standard playing cards. They can be read from a distance and can be detected by performing the gamblers’ riffle test, but are less effective at being seen from across a table.

There are also a number of other types of marked cards, some of which are not commonly associated with cheating. Some are simply used by magicians to perform magic tricks.

A number of different markings are used for these tricks, and some can be seen through the use of a poker reader, or poker cheating sunglasses. These can be worn while playing poker, and will not affect your eye sight, and can be used to find out if other people have marked cards in their hands.

These glasses can be a good option for people who play poker at home or in private casinos. They will not only help you detect marked cards, but they will also give you a good view of the game and prevent you from being cheated. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

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