Poker Card Ink Scanner

There are many types of marked deck cards for poker games, such as Ultimate Marked Cards, Imperfect Deck, Contact Lenses Marked Cards, and Barcode Marked Cards. Each kind of marked decks have its own unique features and detection ways. Usually, the back of the luminous marked decks will have special markings like suits and big font numbers. These marks will be invisible to your naked eyes, but you can see them clearly with the help of a special luminous ink reader such as the luminous ink contact lenses or infrared ink glasses.

These kinds of marked cards are often used by dealers for cheating in Texas Holdem and Omaha games. They can secretly read the hidden information on the card’s edge and transmit it to the player via a wireless Bluetooth earpiece. Then, the player can know the results of the game within a second.

Compared to the invisible ink marked cards for perspective contact lenses, bar code side marked cards have a higher technical requirement to detect. The luminous invisible ink barcode marks on the edges of the cards can be scanned by the poker scanner camera and poker analyzer devices, which can tell you the results of the poker game within a second.

The Modiano invisible ink cards are one of the most popular kinds of marked cards for poker players. They can be processed with a number of different invisible ink markings, such as marks for the suits and values. Moreover, they can be printed in various colors and patterns, making them highly customizable for a wide range of applications.

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