Secret Marked Poker Cards

Secret marked poker cards are one of the most common cheating devices for playing card games. They can be used by any poker player of any age, any skill level and any poker game. These cards can be used to deceive other players into believing that you are a professional poker player when in fact, you are a novice. You can also use these marked cards to improve your winning rate in poker games.

Some people might think that only magicians use secret marked decks, but this is not entirely true. Even some experienced poker players sometimes use these marking cards to increase their winning chances at the table.

There are many different kinds of secret marked poker cards, and you can find them in many different shops. Some of them are side marked cards, contact lens marked decks and barcode scanner marked decks.

The back of the deck has a secret ink mark that indicates suit and value, but these marks are invisible to the human eye. These hidden ink marks can be seen only through special contact lenses or poker sunglasses. Then you can tell the difference between your opponent’s card and your own.

When using this kind of marked cards, you can easily pass the riffle test and fool other players into thinking that you are a professional poker player when you are actually a novice. You can even use these marked cards to cheat the other players of the casino, which is not uncommon among some casinos and poker clubs in Las Vegas.

Most magicians prefer to use a cipher playing card as their mark because it is the easiest to recognize. These luminous ink markings can be decoded by the help of a special luminous ink pen or a poker analyzer.

Another secret marked deck that is popular for magicians are the block-out cards. These are special marked cards that have a small defect on the ace of spades and the king of diamonds, which can be helpful to poker cheaters who have good knowledge of how to exploit this defect in order to increase their winning odds.

Besides, these marked decks are easy to find in most stores because they can be bought at a cheap price. If you are a magician and want to have this type of marked deck, you should buy it from a well-known company that has been in business for many years.

Some other secret marked cards are video-luminous, which uses marks that cannot be seen by the human eye and can only be read with a specially designed electronic system. These marks can be displayed on a television monitor in another room to be transmitted to the person who needs them.

Usually, video-luminous cards are not intended to be used for gambling or for playing card tricks, but are sometimes used in these situations when collusion is suspected. These video-luminous marked cards may also be used to show the results of a poker game after it has been played.

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