The Poker Card Reader

The poker card reader allows players to view their opponents’ hole cards and calculate their chances of winning a hand. It uses RFID chips in the cards and a reader in the table. This poker cheating device, unlike the technology used in clothing that can transmit the signal a few feet from the wearer, is highly sensitive and will only work when it is in direct contact with the reader.

In recent years the use of RFID-enabled playing cards has become popular for live games. RFID readers are placed in poker tables, less than an inch from the playing area. These readers read the RFID chips in the cards, and then transmit the information to a computer which will display it to players on a screen. This is the same technology that makes it possible for blackjack dealers to know when they have a blackjack before turning over their cards.

According to the Las Vegas Valley Metropolitan Police Department, a poker player found to be using wire communications technology at a gambling event can face felony charges. Mike Postle was charged for tampering and illegally intercepting a wire communication while playing in a Las Vegas area casino.

Plastic coated poker cards are easier to clean but are also more likely to be bent, creased, and torn, which can cause the secret markings to be broken. There are ways to avoid this. You can purchase special decks that have been marked in invisible ink. These marked cards only appear when illuminated by a specific light, such an IR LED.

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