Using Marked Cards to Manipulate the Outcome of a Casino Game

The old card switch scam is one of the oldest and most obvious ways that cheaters try to manipulate games. Although this type of cheating in casinos has become less prevalent, it still occurs occasionally. Some people are so desperate to win that they will do anything, including marking cards, to make sure that they come out on top. Watch CNBC’s American Greed to see some of the most extreme examples of what players will do to win.

Some of these methods involve marking cards before they are entered into the game. Others require changing them during the play. Either way, the cheater can then use their advantage to manipulate the outcome of the game. The cheater could mark a playing card by scratching the surface, rubbing ink around the edges or using another method. They can also alter the cards through collusion with another player or a dealer.

In some cases, cheating is done by a team of players working together. These groups are often organized and secretive and meet before the game in order to discuss their plans. They may even devise a coded message that they can use to communicate during the game. This type of cheating is more difficult to catch.

Other methods for marking cards include abrasion (feeling the marks), solvents which smear the existing inks on the cards, abrading or slicing marks on the card, and matt agents which alter the reflectivity. These can either be detected visually or by polarized lighting. Other methods, like high resolution imaging can detect small marks and problems.

Casinos are taking more steps to prevent cheaters from marking their cards. In some instances, they use a “riffle” test to check if the marks on the card are animated. This involves the dealer riffling a deck of cards several times and then looking carefully at them. If the marks are animated, the cards have been marked.

The riffle-test can also be utilized to detect invisible inks which can only been read with special glasses or contacts. These types of inks, while not illegal, are not considered fair play.

Casinos can also use the latest technology to track players, and find teams of cheaters. NORA can identify cheating teams by checking public records and finding out if players are related. This technology can be a huge help in preventing cheating, and it is being used in many different types of casinos now.

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