What is Marked Cards Glasses?

The gambling glasses for marked playing cards are a type of cheating device widely used in poker. They look like normal sunglasses and can help you read the invisible marks on the back of marked playing cards. These luminous glasses for marked cards can be very useful in increasing your chances of winning. Infrared sunglasses with marked cards are among the most popular and effective poker cheating devices. They can be disguised as a pair or fashionable sunglasses. You can use them for many magic tricks using marked cards.

What is a marked deck of cards?

The term “marked card”, refers to a set of playing cards which has been altered in any way. This can be achieved by using special dyes, or by tinting cards in different shades. These markings are visible with a special scanner or through glasses that can detect invisible ink marks.

Luminous mark reading sunglasses for poker are also called marked cards reading glasses or luminous marked cards glasses. These special sunglasses have a red filter built into them that can make it easier to detect invisible ink marks on the back of the marked playing cards. These sunglasses are easy to use and can be worn in a variety of situations. They are also very comfortable and durable. A reasonable price is also available.

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