Contact Lenses for Blue Eyes for Reading UV Ink Marked cheating Cards

Brand: GS

Origin: China

Size: Customized

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

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If your eyes are as blue as the sky, at Golden Sunshine we can provide you with state-of-the-art UV or IR contact lenses. We are keeping up with ever-changing technology. So far, we have successfully developed three different quality contact lenses.
The latest and latest contact lenses for blue eyes. Thanks to sophisticated sandwich technology and laser dyeing, the contact lenses are already on the market. The biggest breakthrough of these lenses is that they will not change the color of your eyes no matter where you are or what kind of light you are exposed to. Plus, you feel as comfortable as if you weren’t wearing contact lenses. Finally, the markings on the back of the deck are easily detected by your ultra-luminous marking cads contacts. The price of this contact lens may sound a bit expensive, but its magic is worth a try!
A second type of blue eye contact lens is also available. Like the newest ones, this type of contact lens probably won’t change the color of your eyes, but it may change the original color of your pupils in different light. Compared to the latest models, these contact lenses are inexpensive, still effective and reliable. This type is the favorite one among users.
A third contact lens for blue eyes was developed a long time ago. Unlike the first and second types, this lens can change the original color of the eyes. But you probably won’t have a hard time spotting the markings on the back of the marked card. This type of contact lens is the cheapest.

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