SAMSUNG Mobile Phone Exchanging Cards Poker Cheating Tools

Brand: Samsung

Origin: China

Material: Metal

Function: Exchange poker cards

Used cards: Normal playing cards

Application: Texas Holdem, Blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00145

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Samsung mobile card changing tool is a poker cheater that can help you exchange cards you need in poker games. It’s a high-tech card switcher that you can use to make calls. And the most important point is that this Samsung mobile phone card changer is dedicated to ordinary playing cards. It works on clean cards, not cards marked with invisible ink.

How does this SIM card changer work? Simple and easy. Users need to hide several poker cards in the card changing tool in advance. When changing cards, they only need to put the cards near the hidden card slot, and it will automatically change cards. The whole process takes no more than 1 second. Of course, like any poker cheat, this Samsung mobile card changer takes a lot of practice before it can be used in a real poker game.

Like invisible ink and glowing markers, card swappers are hugely popular among magicians. These cheat products are very useful in Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and other home games.

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