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Marked Poker Card
Marked cards have a rich history. In the early days of card marking practices were crude and even stupid. Players would mark a deck of cards by bending them or adding visible marks to the back using a needle or nail. The players would add or remove patterns and lines from the back design of the cards. This is not a sensible way to mark a deck. Why take the risk when you can cheat with invisible ink marked poker cards at your next big game?

Even a cheater will not be able to detect such small changes in color or pattern at first. These marked cards can be easily detected if you are looking at them closely. A second fatal flaw of these cards is that they have to be read up close. When luminous inks and juice inks were introduced to create invisible marks, they proved to be a breakthrough in the development of cheating cards.

There are marked deck manufacturers who do this for you. You can buy the most popular marked card deck, Bicycle Ultimate Marked. The pattern of the deck is slightly different, indicating each card’s value. The Ultimate Marked Deck is a marked deck of poker cards that has been altered by the manufacturer.

You can now win more often with our marked decks! Mark any of our marked card decks using invisible ink. Then, use our cheating devices to detect these markings.

Modiano, Copag Bicycle Fournier, and many other leading suppliers of playing cards offer the best marked cards. These products make it easy to mark decks using an invisible ink pen. Our cheat cards will have you on your way to a new poker win in no time!

Marked playing Cards for Sale
Marked decks can be used by anyone, regardless of their skill level. Re-define gambling by controlling the environment and may the odds be always in your favor.

Modiano’s Golden Trophy Marked Card Sets are the ideal companions for all card games. They have helped countless players reach the winners circle. These cards can be marked easily with infrared-visible ink to ensure exceptional visibility during your next poker game.

The poker cheat cards that we stock are made of 100% plastic. This makes them more durable, easier to shuffle, and have a better overall fluidity.

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