Fixed Magic Trick Dice to Get Any Pip You Need

Product Name: Trick Dice

Manufacturer: GS company

Material: Plastic

Color: White & Transparent & Red

Size: Customized

Application: Dice Games & Magical Shows

Product ID: IIMC00138

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Fixed magic dice, we are also called loaded dice, according to different needs of customers, you can choose to make one face, two faces or three faces, most people will choose to make only one face, if you want a dice to appear that Fixed point, you can fill the iron powder on the opposite side you want to appear, so that when you throw it, because of the gravity of the iron powder, the side you want is facing up. This is what we call fixed dice.

If two faces are to be made on the dice, iron powder is filled on the opposite side of the junction of the two faces. The two faces were equally likely to appear in the game, and both were 90 percent accurate.

Fix the magic dice, it looks the same as normal dice, you can’t see the difference. But it will tell you the dot you want, it will always come out the same dot, because a dot is caused by the drug in the cheat dice. For example, if you need to make one side NO.1, then 1 will appear in every game. The quantity just depends on what you are going to request.

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