Luminous Ink Glasses Seeing Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Origin: GS Company

Available Color: Silver/ Purple / Red /Green

Material: Plastic

Application: Poker Cheating Games

Delivery: 2 – 5 working days

Supply Ability: 1000 Pics a Month

Product ID: IIMC00136

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As we all know, cool and stylish sunglasses are used to protect our eyes from the harsh sunlight. Here we introduce Glow in the Dark Ink Glasses to see invisible ink marked cards. However, the invisible ink label card for sunglasses, also known as luminous sunglasses, brings you more than that. It not only protects our eyes from sunlight, but also acts as a marked card reader to help you clearly identify the Those invisible ink marks. Even if you stay away from marked decks, you can see the back of the secret magic card.

Often, invisible inks that are only visible with special infrared filters are invisible to the human eye. Luminous sunglasses always put red filters in the lenses of the sunglasses so they can see the invisible luminous ink on the sign. What’s more, they can hide your emotions and prevent opponents from reading the information in your eyes during the game.

In addition, the color may be darker than some sunglasses, and the outer surface of our company’s glasses can also be colorful, silver, blue, green and so on. In short, their appearance was the same as before, and no one could find any difference. They are undeniably stylish tools that can be used to protect you from cheating. Poker cheating glasses have been one of the most useful poker reading devices for years and can greatly increase your odds of winning.

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