Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses
Infrared contact lenses, also known as magic poker lenses, are the best way to detect invisible ink markings on marked cards. Marked cards contact lenses are the most effective in the industry. They detect invisible ink marks on infrared marked cards.

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You can read marked cards without anyone noticing! Marked Cards Contact lenses are available in our online store. They allow you to detect the smallest invisible marks.

Put on these poker-card lenses the same as you would normal contact lenses and then prepare yourself to be in total control. Superior invisible ink lenses are available for all eye colors.

The omnipotent deck of cards contact lens allows you to see UV, IR, and any other type of ink on the back. These lenses feature the most advanced perspective technology and are suitable for all eye colors. They also have a thin, comfortable design. Our products protect your eyes from irritation.

Our innovative product range includes infrared lenses in various forms, including infrared glasses, household items and smartphones.

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