Bicycle 808 Standard Index Cheating Poker Cards for Contact Lenses

Teach method: Video and books

Brand: Bicycle

Origin: USA

Marking tool: Professional printer, ink pen

Material: Paper

Delivery time: About 2 working days to USA and Europe

Product ID: IIMC00176

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As a world-class poker brand, Bicycle Playing Cards enjoys a high reputation among players all over the world. Also, it has several huge offshoots including Bicycle rider back and Bicycle standard or Jumbo. And bicycle 808 poker is one of them. Bicycle 808 Standard Index Contact Lenses Cheating Playing Cards The original card is marked with luminous ink. What’s more, those glowing markers are invisible to the naked eye. So, how do we identify these markers?

1. Bicycle 808 back label card, we provide you with infrared contact lenses, UV sunglasses and infrared camera to use with this card. However, cards marked on the back have a different ink and should be read with poker cameras and IR contact lenses, so you cannot read IR camera cards with contact lenses.

2. Bicycle 808 barcode cheating cards are also called side signs, which need to be equipped with a poker analyzer system, including a camera, analyzer software, earphones, and a remote control. Operates more thoroughly than contact lenses. The biggest advantage is that the poker analyzer can get the result directly after scanning the cards.

Bicycle 808 cheating playing cards can be marked in different ways depending on your needs, so please feel free to contact us for more details or information.

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