Black Leather Purse Exchanging Poker Cheating Devices

Color: Black

Size: Long-style, normal-style

Material: Leather

Contents: 1-2 cards

Function: Exchange cards, store money

Application: Poker tricks, gambling cheating

Product ID: IIMC00155

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Black Leather Wallet Card Changer is very useful when playing poker. Leather bags are common items in our daily life. It’s normal to go to the casino with your wallet. No one will notice your black leather wallet card changer cheat because this card changer looks similar to a normal card changer.

We treated the plain black leather wallet unit so that it can help you secretly exchange cards without arousing suspicion from other players. We have regular and long wallets. No matter what size poker you play, the wallet can help you switch easily.

In some games, some professional poker players can switch cards very quickly. In fact, if you want to achieve that effect, you need years of training. But now, you can easily exchange playing cards with the Black Leather Wallet Card Swapper. Practice makes perfect. The operation of the card is very simple. After a lot of practice, you can use the device proficiently.

Change up your poker game during the poker game with the Black Leather Wallet Card Switcher.

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