Dal Negro Piacentine N.109 Marked Cards Deck for Poker Cheating

Brand: Modiano

Origin: Italy

Weight: 0.112kg

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

Marks: big marks in the middle, small marks on 4 corners

Processed Manufacturer: GS Company

Product ID: IIMC0055

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Dal Negro Piacentine N.109 Playing Cards with Glow in the Dark Markers are designed for extra performance! Dal Negro Piacentine N.109 is favored in many regions of Italy. The Dal Negro Piacentine N.109 marked cards are not found in the normal casino games we play. They are suitable for the Italian card game.

Playing Card Features:
– Material: Triplex (0,32mm, 400g/mc)
– 40 cards per deck
– Card size: 9.1*5.1cm
– Game Type: Traditional Scopa, Briscola, Scopone, Tressette
Black Card: Mark a large font in the middle of the card.

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