Fournier HERACLIO No.1 Design Marked Decks for IR Contact Lenses

Brand: Fournier

Color: red and blue

Material: Paper

Origin: Spain

Application: Poker Entertainment / Casino Cheating

Processed Manufacturer: GS Company

Product ID: IIMC0024

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Fournier decks with luminous markers are designed for even more impressive performance! Today, Fournier is synonymous with quality, service, safety and durability. Most poker games can be played with Fournier-marked playing cards.

Playing Card Features:
– Paper Material – Small Index
–40/50 cards + 1 warranty card (This card protects against manufacturing defects discovered before “extensive use” occurs.)
– Card size: 9.5*6.1cm (standard size of Spanish playing cards)
Blue card: The middle of the playing card is marked with a large font.
Red card: mark in big font in the middle or small font in 4 corners

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