Plastic Copag Jumbo Face Marked Cards Poker for Sale

Brand: Copag

Weight: 0.18kg

Origin: Belgium

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

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Product ID: IIMC0036

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Copag playing cards are used by casinos worldwide for their professional quality, these plastic cards are the best choice in the poker market.

Copag large face playing cards can be processed into different invisible ink playing cards (1) Copag large face invisible ink playing cards for poker cheating contact lenses, (2) Copag large face back invisible ink playing cards for infrared cameras, ( 3) Copag giant face barcode tagged playing cards for scanning cameras. You can buy different kinds of signage cards for different poker games or uses. With these Copag Jumbo Faced Invisible Ink Playing Cards, you can master your game with more winning odds.
Copag Jumbo Face Invisible Ink Playing Cards Features:
– Available in two colors: red and blue
–Jumbo hour markers, made of 100% plastic
– Widely known in the world outside of Russia
– Card size: 63*88 mm – the standard size of playing cards.
– This deck contains 52 cards, 3 trump cards and 1 guarantee card.
Blue card: Marked in large font in the middle of the playing card (white mark)
Red: suits and numbers can be played in the middle or 4 corners of the card (white or black markings)
friendly reminder:
Red cards are preferred for their clear markings.

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