Double Lenses Lamp Scanning Camera for Reading Marked Cards

Material: Plastic / Metal / Glasses

Color: Black / White

Scanning Distance: 1 – 3 Meters / 2 – 4 Meters / 3 – 5 Meters

Scanning Width: 20 cm

Signal Frequency: Wireless 2570 G

Battery Time: Power Supply Directly

Application: Poker Cheat / Magic Trick

Product ID: IIMC00184

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The dual -lens light scan camera is a poker camera for cheating in poker poker games.

There are many poker players who want to use a lamp to scan the camera in private clubs or magic performances. This is hidden and effective.

We installed hidden infrared scanners cameras.

Use this high -tech lamp camera to read the card marked card marked card, it can provide you with the best scanner definition. The scanning distance is long distance, 1-3 meters, 2-4 meters, 3-5 meters, you can adjust it yourself in different games.

You can use the remote control to turn on or turn off the lamp camera lens. There are hidden poker camera lenses inside, and others cannot detect any defects of this dual -lens camera.

When you use this light poker card reader to play the Holdem poker game in Texas, you will find that it is magical and long -distance camera games are very easy. There is nothing on the table, you can also use it with the telephone analyzer to understand the winner.

This dual lens light scanning camera for reading barcode labeling cards is a popular sales of our online store. This is your best choice.

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