Metal Electronic Cigarette Poker Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Scanner type: Metal electronic cigarette

Origin: China

Battery time: About 2 hours

Scanning distance: 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm

Matched analyzer: Any model of poker analyzer

Application: Texas Holdem, Omaha, blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00172

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The black plastic casino chip pallet poker scanning camera is a very common poker cheating device in casino games. Chip Tray is a very common thing. Therefore, because of the excellent security of wireless cameras, poker players prefer to use it with poker equipment.

In the chip tray, there is a small camera to read the barcode of the mark. For the 8-15 cm scanning distance between the chip tray scanner and the labeled card card, it is suitable for those who have dealers and partners. For a longer scanning distance, the chip tray scanner is very suitable for a single poker player. Of course, the chip pallet cheating scanner can be divided into six parts from 12 to 135 cm. Of course, we can define the scanning distance according to the needs of customers in this range. In this case, the external camera for the poker analyzer system can meet different needs in different circumstances.

In addition to high safety and appropriate scanning distance, it also has its excellent practicality because it can be used with all generation of poker vi number calculators. Therefore, next time you consider which type of wireless camera to buy, select the black plastic casino chip pallet cheating camera for poker analyzer software.

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