Modiano Da Vinci Cheating Playing Cards with Luminous Marks

Brand: Modiano

Origin: Italy

Weight: 0.34kg

Packing: 2 decks /set

Processed Method: UV/IR Ink

Application: Magic Tricks & Poker Games

Product ID: IIMC0017

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Modiano Da Vinci 100% Plastic Playing Cards are the finest playing cards in the world. Da Vinci cards were designed and manufactured in Italy by Modiano. Since 1868, the Modiano brand has been synonymous with quality playing cards. Da Vinci plastic using manufacturingfacts is the best plastic, on par or better than KEM or Copag cards and less than half the price of Kem cards. Da Vinci playing cards will not scratch, tear or wrinkle under normal playing conditions. Durable and washable, a properly cared for deck will last for years! DaVinci Cards offers a lifetime replacement warranty on defective or damaged/lost cards. Modiano Da Vinci Markers are widely used among poker players and can be printed with a large mark in the center, small marks on the four corners, or very small marks on a white border. In addition, we can also mark the cards according to your requirements, you just need to tell us the mark, and we can customize the mark for you. The markings on the back of the cards can be seen when wearing contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses with the markings on them. Modiano Dan Vinci Marker Playing Cards Features: – Comes in 2 colours: Red and Blue. –Jumbo Index, made of 100% PVC plastic – well known in Europe. – Card Size: 63*88mm – standard size for playing cards – This deck contains 52 cards and 2 trump cards. Remarks: Blue card: marked with large font in the middle (white label) Red card: marked with large font in the middle or small font at the 4 corners (white or black label)

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