Modiano No.98 Marked Cards Magic for Sale

Brand: Modiano

Origin: Italy

Marks: big marks in the middle, small marks on 4 corners

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Application: Casino Poker Games & Magic Shows

Product ID: IIMC009

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Modiano 98 Marked Playing Cards Currently available in poker sizes, the Modiano 98 Marked Playing Cards are one of the most popular playing cards in Italy. Poker names refer only to the size of the cards. Playing cards measure 3.5 inches high and 2.50 inches wide. It is also commonly referred to as the wide dimension.

These marked cards are regular indexed, 2 point playing cards, a set of Modiano 98 numbered cards with red and blue backs, cards in both colors can be marked nicely, we can print large markers in the middle, Small Marks Very small marks on the four corners or a white border. If you have special requirements, we can also customize the marks according to your requirements.
Modiano No.98 Marked Deck Cards Features:
– Comes in 2 colors: Red, Blue.
– Regular index, made of 100% PVC plastic
– Well known in Europe, especially in Italy.
– Card size: 63*88 mm – the standard size of playing cards
– Contains 52 cards and 3 trumps.
Blue card: marked in large font in the middle (white label)
Red card: large character mark in the middle or small character mark at 4 corners (white mark or black mark)

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