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With a custom-made poker analyzer, your competition won’t detect a thing! The superior range of specially designed poker card analyzers in our online shop provides players with a subtle cheating strategy at a reasonable price. Whether you’re after a device you can sneak into your pocket, a barcode poker analyzer or even a Texas Holdem analyzer for your brand new iPhone – we’ve got all your needs sorted. Our featured top-range poker cards analyzers are capable of great distances in the range of 20-40cm.

Poker Analyzer System: Unique and irreplaceable Function
Scanning, analysis, and broadcasting can be summarized by the entire workflow of the poker analyzer system. Before you begin, it is important to prepare your barcode-marked cards. You should know that playing cards of any material, whether they are made from paper or plastic, can be barcoded. Both of them are barcode marked after being marked for poker analyzers or scanners. Here we go, the first step.

1. Scanning is a process that allows you to read barcodes on all four sides of marked cards. You can choose from two options. All-in-one Poker Analyzer System has a camera built in, so this is the best way to read barcodes. The scanning distance for the built-in lens is only 20-40cm. In order to meet the multi-directional scanning distance requirements, many external poker scanners have been published. These can be connected to work with cheating devices for poker. Poker cameras can be used to scan marked cards up to 60cm. They include chip tray cameras, watch cameras, power banks, and phone camera lenses. Lamps or speakers are the best choice if you want to buy a long-range high-definition camera. The scanning distance can be as long as 1-2m, 2-3m and 3-4m.

2. The analysis is a complex process. However, if you rely on our poker analyzer’s precise algorithms, the result will always be available within 0.5s. The barcode data is captured by either the internal or external camera, and then transferred by signal. You will normally know who the winner is of a poker game, or even the number of cards.

3. The last step would be to broadcast! Wireless mini-earpieces are the most common tool that we use. It is also the easiest way to obtain information about poker cheating devices. You may not have heard much about vibrator. However, it can be used to determine who the second-place winner is. You may not even know the information about each card.

The poker analyzers are so basic that we find it amazing. This reduces the suspicion of your opponent. iPhone is the most popular model, but we accept custom services. Browse our website for more information.

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