Interactive Poker Table With Integrated Camera System

A camera poker table is an important part of any casino. It has a mini camera hidden inside and can read barcode marked cards quickly. When the Texas game is in progress, you can turn on the poker analyzer and it will scan the marked barcode poker cards and immediately transfer analysis data to your computer. This will help you make wise decisions during the game and win. The poker analyzer is hidden inside the table and is hard for others to find.

The built-in HUD, which was a feature of HeroIQ, showed the most vital preflop statistics: Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot percentage (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise percentage (PFR) and 3-Bet percentage. These were shown next to the player’s avatar. The expressions, however, were only displayed after a player played at least ten hands. If Run It Once Poker US re-launches with HeroIQ, it will be the first to include this feature in a US regulated market.

This IR poker table can be used with any generation of poker analyzer, including AKK and PK poker analyzers. Its scanning distance can vary from 8-15 cm to 20-40cm and it can be plugged in continuously for use. The LED lighting is adjustable and the dealer position can be enhanced via upgrades such as a suited speed speed cloth, brass cup holders, a dining top and a bill slot/drop box.

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