Omaha Poker Analyzer CVK 400 Poker Cheating Device

Color: White, black

Material: Plastic

Language: English

Appearance design: iPhone

Battery: Not changeable; rechargeable

Application: Omaha, Texas hold’em, Blackjack…

Product ID: IIMC00157

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The CVK 400 Poker Analyzer is a popular cheating tool in the gambling equipment market. From the outside, the CVK Analyzer looks like a real mobile phone. In terms of functions, it can do what a real mobile phone can do, such as making calls, sending messages, surfing the Internet, etc., and it can do more than a real mobile phone. It can help you win more easily in casino gambling.

There is a program in CVK 400 that calculates the winner of a gamble. This analyzer can be used for various poker games. But one analyzer can have up to three games installed. You can buy games you play often. Operation of the CVK 400 is very simple. It only requires three steps:

First, choose the card game you play and set the rules of the game.

Next, point your poker analyzer at the marked cards.

Third, put on your wireless headphones and wait for the results.

Once you hear the results, you can know what to do to benefit you. You can take control of your gambling with the help of the CVK 400 Poker Hand Analyzer.


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