KEM Stargazer Bridge Size Regular Index Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Brand: KEM

Size: Bridge size (2.25″ x 3.5″)

Index: 2 regular index

Origin: USA

Material: 100% cellulose acetate plastic

Model of marks: Common and Customized

Product ID: IIMC00134

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KEM Stargazer playing cards can be marked with invisible ink as cheat cards. KEM Stargazer Bridge Size Regular Index cards are 100% plastic cards and include 2 decks of Stargazer Series playing cards in a protective plastic case. Suitable for different types of casino games and home games such as 2 Card Hold’em, 4 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha and Blackjack etc.

How to Mark KEM Stargazer Cards with Invisible Ink

First, make sure the proportions of the invisible ink are correct. If the proportions are wrong, the markers will be too dark to be seen, or too thick to be covered. Second, experienced technicians and professional marking card printers are important. Both are indispensable.

How to Mark Cards with Invisible Ink

Wearing marked deck contact lenses and glow-in-the-dark sunglasses is the way to read invisible ink marked cards. People tend to use contact lenses instead of sunglasses because it doesn’t change the color of your eyes and doesn’t arouse suspicion from others.

KEM plastic playing cards are the only playing cards in the world made from cellulose acetate. EM plastic playing cards last longer than other plastic decks, over 100 times longer than playing cards. That’s why KEM plastic playing cards are the most popular playing cards in the world.

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