BlackJack Shoes Casino Cheating Devices with Infrared Camera

Brand: Can be any brand

Origin: China

Used cards: IR marked cards

Material: Plastic

Color: Black, white, transparent

Size: Any size

Product ID: IIMC00146

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Blackjack is a popular game in the world. Therefore, poker cheats about it came into being, such as blackjack cards with infrared cameras. What are the advantages of this blackjack shoe infrared camera? You can see the suit and value of each card. Even other players have invisible ink contact lenses; they can’t find your secrets.

If you know the types of cards that are marked, you know that an infrared marked card is a specially marked card with a hidden mark that only an infrared camera can read. Because you use a camera to see the markers, you need a monitor to show the image, and you need a partner to tell you what the other players’ cards are. The infrared camera in the blackjack shoe is a tiny camera the size of a pinhole and a signal transmitter. Through the display, you will know the suit and value of the cards in advance.

Any color, even clear blackjack shoes can be crafted into a cheat. Of course, black works best. If you have any questions about blackjack casino cheating equipment with infrared camera, please feel free to contact us.


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