Modiano Barcode Marked Cards Poker with Competitive Price

Cards type: Barcode marked cards for poker analyzer

Material: 100% plastic

Origin: Italy

Weight: 0.18kg/deck

Shipping way: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS…

Delivery time: 2-3 days to USA and Europe

Product ID: IIMC00158

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Modiano Barcode marked cards poker is another type of invisible ink cards which is quite different from back marked deck. Here are many website offered marked cards for different game, but how to find a deck of Modiano poker cards with a competitive price

We all know, Modiano cards have the finest quality as their material is 100% plastic and it is commonly used around the world. When we process the Modiano barcode marked cards, we will use different marking way to meet different requirement of poker players and wouldn’t change their original material.

Normally, we will use 2 methods and one of them is that we will to last the marks for longer by roughening the edges. In this way, corners will be a little different with original playing cards, but it is hard to find. What’s more, marks on this cards can last more than 3 months, even 2 years if you don’t open cards. As for another way, cards edges will be smoother than the first way, but cards service life also will be shorter than the first type. Because the marks are easily visible after several days using. However, if you change cards frequently, it isn’t an issue for you.


重さ 0.1 kg



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