PTW Marked Trick Poker Cards with Invisible Markings for Sale

Brand: PTW

Weight: 0.18kg

Material: 100% Plastic

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

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Product ID: IIMC0063

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PTW invisible ink playing cards are currently available in poker size. This deck has red backs and blue backs. Poker names refer only to the size of the cards. Playing cards measure 3.5 inches high and 2.50 inches wide. It is also commonly referred to as the wide dimension.
PTW Invisible Ink Playing Cards have invisible markings printed on the back or barcodes printed on the side. A label with a mark on the back is called a label, and a label with a barcode on the side is called a barcode label. Different types of marked playing cards need to use different luminous readers to see the marks, the back marked playing cards are suitable for reading with luminous ink contact lenses, and the barcode marked playing cards are suitable for reading with any type of scanning camera.
Whether you use back-marked cards with glow-in-the-dark ink contact lenses or barcode-marked cards with scanning cameras, poker analyzers, they can improve your poker game and increase your odds of winning.
Features of PTW Marker Playing Cards:
– Comes in 2 colors: Red and Blue.
–Jumbo Index, made of 100% PVC plastic
– Widely known in Europe
– Card size: 63*88 mm – the standard size of playing cards
– This deck contains 52 cards and 2 trump cards.
Blue card: Marked in large font in the middle (white mark)
Red: marked with large fonts in the middle or small fonts at the 4 corners (white or black markings)
friendly reminder:
Red cards are preferred for their clear markings.

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